DIY: Clothespin Snowflakes

Now this is just a quick, simple and very easy DIY project. I made it after a craft that showed up in my Pinterest feed.
There are many versions of such snowflakes, so I really don’t know who came up with the idea originally.

I really love how mine turned out!

For one snowflake you will need 8 wooden clothespins, some yarn (or ribbon), a hot glue gun, paint (I used some white Gesso) and 4 buttons/magnets or other embellishments.
Just disassemble the clothespins first and glue them together, back to back.
Don’t forget to add the yarn or ribbon on one of the clothespins, otherwise you won’t be able to put them up.

I used my last 4 magnets for these; they look so chic, don’t you think?
I just hope to find some new ones again! I’m sure I will make more than just these two. For now, I’ll wait for winter to come :)

DIY: Clothespin Snowflakes




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