DIY Kids: 2 Little Snowmen (and a Christmas Tree)

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Today N. and I had a wonderful crafting day. While listening to Christmas songs, we created 2 little snowmen and a Christmas tree.

We started with the Christmas tree. We were inspired by these adorable trees from Rebecca Cooper. N. just turned 3 so I measured and cut out the green paper for her. The rest she did all by herself, using lots of felt flowers, glitter and some deco tape.  She painted some paper doilies too.  The trunk is actually a toilet paper roll. Here’s the final result:

With the snowman (inspired by Craftown) she needed some more help, ofcourse, but painting the clay pot white was easy and fun to do. She almost couldn’t wait untill the first layer was dry. I gave her the biggest pot, as I thought it would be easier for her.

Luckily we had some old winter gloves to use as a hat. I decided to use felt for the scarves and cut the ends to make it look more realistic. With a black paint marker we painted the eyes and mouth and with an orange colour pencil the carrot. We used a red colour pencil for the cheeks and smoothed it out a bit by using our fingers. And here they are…. our own ‘BabyTV Snowies:)

Aren’t they super cute or what?



I’m linking this project to:

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