DIY: Love, Joy, a Tree and Candles

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Last week I created some more Christmas decorations for our mantel; ofcourse with enough sparkling glitter but still in a subtle way.
What I did was very easy to make and only costed a few cents.
I’ll explain what I did and where I got the inspiration from below…. Look what you can do with wool, wood, aluminium foil, plastic and paper.

The wooden plaques with the letters ‘Joy’ was the most time consuming work, in comparison to the other decorations.

I started with 3 pieces of scrap wood (11 x 16 cm), sanded them and stained them white. On each plaque I glued a different wallpaper scrap (free from the wallpaper department of a DIY store) and sprayed them with glitter spray. I made the letters by making little round beads out of aluminium foil.
I was inspired by some other decoration that I had bought a while ago. Those were little styrofoam balls on a fishing wire. I had no styrofoam balls so I decided to use the foil.

With a big needle I pushed a hole in them and threated them one by one on a long, thin iron wire. I hotglued the first and last bead so they wouldn’t fall off. Then I bent the wire into a ‘J’. I did the same with both other letters. Finally, I sprayed some glue on them and covered them in silver glitter. The last step was hotglueing them onto the wallpaper. In reality they are more sparkling than these photo’s show. Next time, I would make smaller beads and use a cut-out font as I think that would be more elegant.

The word ‘Love’ is a warped wire, covered in a long thread of white/grey wool. It’s very easy and quick to make but after a while I got cramps in my fingers while twisting the wool around and around ;)
I discovered this original idea at another website but I can’t find it anymore – the text was there covered in red garn, when I remember well. If you know the site that I mean, please leave the URL in a comment.

Inspired by this Christmas Tree tutorial (by Ashley from ‘Being Grown Up’), I made this little tree out of 2 paper plates, some aluminium foil (again) and grey/silver plastic wire. Several ‘stripes’ of hotglue hold the wire in place. I finished it off with some nice left-over white trim and placed it on a white candleholder. I didn’t glue it so I can use the candleholder for another project when Christmas is over.

These dark grey candles were plain, without any decoration. This was the quickest project of them all: I just glued some trim, ribbon and tape around them et voilà :) Now they give a somewhat more Christmas feeling. Ofcourse I won’t burn these candles, they are for decoration only!

As you can see, there are plenty decoration possibilities that won’t cost you a lot. Have fun decorating!

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