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Today I’m gonna show you how to make this lovely pinboard. It could be used as a jewelry board also.

First a short explanation why I made this pinboard in the first place….
Next week we celebrate ‘Sinterklaas‘. At the 5th of december it’s St. Nicholas’ eve: an exciting evening with big burlap sacks, full of presents for the children.
Our youngest daughter N. just turned 3 so she believes firmly in Sinterklaas and ‘zwarte Piet’ (black Pete). Both older daughters don’t believe anymore, ofcourse, they are teens.
But in school (school of higher general secondary education) they do celebrate Sinterklaas too: the kids write their name and some low-cost wishes on a ticket, fold it und put it in a bag. Next, everyone draws out one ticket and is supposed to buy one or more items from the wishlist for that certain person. With the present(s), he/she makes a DIY gift and/or themed packaging. There’s one thing that may not be forgotten: they have to write a poem for that person too. These poems can vary from serious to hilarious, as they often describe the person’s character or funny things that have happened to the receiver.

To make a long story short: our oldest daughter D. had drawn the ticket of her best friend L. Unfortunately, she has school from 8AM till 4 PM. Every day. When she gets home, she relaxes for about half an hour and then starts with her homework. After diner she often has to study even more. So she practically has no time for a DIY project at all. So I helped her out and made the pinboard for L.

I started off with sanding the sides and painting the backside of a square piece of thick wood (25cm x 25cm / 9.8″ x 9.8″).

On the front I spray glued 6 pieces of wallpaper and painted them white. A while ago, when I was at the wallpaper department in a DIY store, I took these samples home with me as I knew they would come handy some time. I must say, I like this thick textured wallpaper so much, that I might buy a whole roll of it; just for crafting.

I folded along the sides, glued it to the back and cut off the excess.
Next, I covered a round cork coaster ( Ø 19cm / 7.5″) with a thick grey fabric. I pulled the fabric tight and tacked it onto the back.

I glued a pink leather string around the coaster pinboard and secured the ends by pulling them through a deco buckle and glueing the buckle onto the fabric. 3 Nice beads finished the string off and I glued the pinboard onto the wallpapered wooden board.

Inspired by this flower making tutorial, I made a flower to put onto the pinboard. I didn’t want it to stand out too much so I decided to use the same grey fabric as the coaster was covered with. In the tutorial, felt is used for the flower but I thought fabric would work too. And it did indeed….

A small vase would be nice too, I thought, so I used a small empty and cleaned liquor bottle, poured some white paint with a tiny bit of water in and carefully turned it up and down, so the whole glass was coated evenly on the inside. With hot glue I covered the upper part and put it into some silver glitter. I secured the bottle well onto the wallpaper.

Everything went well, untill I discovered that I didn’t have any fancy thumbtacks. So I had to make some myself.
I sorted out a few ugly simple white thumbtacks and after searching through my jewelry-making-box I found some nice silver bead caps that would be perfect for this pinboard. I pushed the thumbtacks in another cork coaster and hotglued the bead caps onto them. Yes, much better :)

Finally, I glued 2 simple white hooks onto the wallpaper, so friend L. can use the pinboard also to organize her bracelets or chains,  if she wants to.  She’ll be able to even store her earrings by using a thumbtack. Or she can use it as what it actually was supposed to be: a pinboard, to put up some notes, cards or photos etc.

The pink paper flower in the bottle vase was one of those that I made some time ago. You can view the tutorial here.

The presents that daughter D. bought for friend L. will be packed nicely and secured to the little hooks. The paper with the poem will be rolled up, decorated with a nice ribbon and secured with a thumbtack. Also, a nicely designed little card with L.’s name on it will be put on.

Our middle daughter C. already asked if I could help her out too. She has drawn the ticket of a boy in her class and has no idea what to make for him. Maybe a male version of this pinboard? We’ll see. If so, you’ll see and read about it on LoeLaLoep, so be sure not to miss any new updates!

Update: here are some photos that I took later. It already was very late in the evening and I was tired, so please excuse the bad quality and awful direct flash! This is how it looked on the backside and finally, together with the gifts.

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  • This is beautiful! I love the ribbons on it.
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